Black Magic Palette
Black Magic Palette
Black Magic Palette
Black Magic Palette

Black Magic Palette

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Africa, its diverse cultures and magic are an inspiration for this palette. The Black Magic Palette is beginner friendly with mainly neutral tones that are pigmented, easy to blend and to work with. However, at Mlsbeauty Cosmetics, a pop of colour is always essential. Shades like "motema" and "dusk" would add a perfect flush to the skin.  Sahel for some, would work fantastic as a highlighter. The Black Magic Palette is simple, versatile and all inclusive.

- Karibu ( welcome in Swahili) is a dark matte, cool tone brown ( uses: outer corner, smokey, liner)

- Cocoa is a warm matte tone milk chocolate brown (uses: crease colour)

- Shea Butter is a warm, matte off white nude colour (uses: crease colour, lid colour, setting colour)

- Dusk a vibrant orange matte colour to take your eye look to the next level (lid colour, crease colour, outer area)

- Igolide think sunflower, canary, chrome. Igolide is that pop of yellow. (lid colour, inner corner colour)

-Sahel is a shimmer shade with yellow and gold reflects. (lid colour, inner corner)

- Bronze is a bronzy shimmer shade (lid shade)

- Motema is a deep matte red that steals the show. (lid colour, blush)

- Alafia is a taupey shimmer shade ( perfect lid and outer area)